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Class MeshIndexedTriangles

This class implements a Mesh for indexed triangles.

Rather than defining each triangle directly as an array of vertices, an array containing x, y and z values for each unique vertex in the part is defined. Then triangles are defined by arrays of indices that refer to elements of this vertex array. This allows triangles to share vertices, thus reducing the number of vertices, and enabling the computation of smooth shade normals.

Note that while the vertices array contains 3 elements per point (x, y and z), the elements in the indices array are interpreted as vertex indices. For example, if vertices contains 3 vertices A, B and C:

vertices = [Ax, Ay, Az, Bx, By, Bz, Cx, Cy, Cz];

Then vertex A is at index 0, vertex B and 1 and vertex C at 2. So the triangle containing these vertices would be defined with

indices = [0, 1, 2];


  • MeshIndexedTriangles






Readonly boundingBox

boundingBox: BoundingBox

Returns a copy of the BoundingBox of the mesh

Readonly indexArray

indexArray: ArrayLike<number>

A readonly array containing the indices of the mesh

Readonly primitiveCount

primitiveCount: number

The number of primitives in the mesh.

Readonly primitiveType

primitiveType: MeshPrimitiveType

The type of primitives that are used in the mesh.

Readonly textureCoordinates

textureCoordinates: ArrayLike<number>

A readonly array containing the 2d texture coordinates of the mesh

Readonly vertexArray

vertexArray: ArrayLike<number>

A readonly array containing the vertices of the mesh

Readonly vertexCount

vertexCount: number

The number of vertices in the mesh.



  • getPrimitiveVertices(primitiveIndex: number): Vec3[]
  • Returns a copy of the vertex indices of a given primitive.


    • primitiveIndex: number

    Returns Vec3[]


  • Performs picking on the mesh.

    If a primitive was hit, the function returns true and populates the passed hitItem object with information about this primitive. It nothing was hit, returns false.


    Returns boolean

Static constructPreserveSharpEdges

  • Creates an indexed triangle mesh with the given vertices and indices.

    Preserve sharp edges by splitting vertices on edges where the surface normal of the two triangles sharing the edge is more than the given angle (in degrees).


    Returns MeshIndexedTriangles

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